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How Can I Become a Climbing Instructor?

Climb On Safely training

Climb On Safely
  • Forty minute course.
  • No prerequisite.
  • Card is valid for two years.
  • Fulfills requirement for check-box of appropriate training on a tour permit.
  • A unit going on a climbing outing must have two or more Climbing Instructors,
    who are graduates of the Climbing Instructor course.
    One Instructor must be age 21 or older.
Here's the

Minimum Ages

Climbing Instructor
In Training
Climbing Instructor BSA Lead
Climbing Instructor
Instructor In Training
Lead Instructor
16 18 21

Climbing Instructor course

Climbing Merit Badge
Topping Out
Sessions I & II cover the skills taught in the Climbing Merit Badge pamphlet.
  • Session I - 4-hour Classroom
    • Equipment (Hardware & Soft goods)
    • Equipment logs
    • Knots
    • Anchors
    • Belay signals
    • Emergency situations & Response plans
  • Session II - 8 hours on the rocks
    • Site selection
    • Intro to Anchoring systems
    • Bouldering (Spotting)
    • Belaying
    • Climbing
    • Rappelling
    • Simple rescue
Sessions I & II complete the BSA requirement for 10 hours of instruction.
You will receive a Climbing Instructor In Training card upon completion of Session II. Good for 2 years.

Complete the back of the Card!

back of Instructor In Training card You have 2 years to complete the following:
  • Three experience-sessions (climbing outings), on separate days, with an experienced instructor
  • First Aid CPR
  • Youth protection training
  • current BSA registration card
You are now ready to do Session III, the Qualification.



The 2 years are up, and you want to re-qualify? Skills getting rusty? At any point, invite some Climbing Instructors along on the outing to brush up everyone's skills!

Parental Consent form from Topping Out

Climb On Safely powerpoint presentation
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Climbing Merit Badge Requirements
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BSA literature available at http://scoutstuff.org
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