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California Inland Empire Council

High Adventure Team

Catalog of Courses

2013 Leave No Trace Classes

2013 CIEC High Adventure Training Schedule:

  1/12/2013 Winter Backpacking Day class
  2/ 2 or  2/23 Winter Backpacking (overnighter)
  2/16 Leader Outdoor Safety Training (LOST)
  3/16 Desert Awareness / Astronomy
  4/13 Overnighter
  3/ 9 Map & Compass - High Desert (Apple Valley)
  4/ 6 Basic Backpacking (classroom) Riverside
  5/ 4 Basic Backpacking (overnighter)
  6/ 1 Map & Compass Riverside  
  8/10 Leader Outdoor Safety Training (LOST)
Yucca Valley
  8/24 Basic Backpacking (classroom) Riverside 
  9/ 7 Basic Backpacking (overnighter)
  9/18 Cycling (evening class)
  9/28 Cycling (ride)
10/11-12 Climbing Instructor
10/19-20 Canoeing   Day Instruction
11/ 1 - 3 Canoeing (overnighter)
10/26 Base Camp & Crew Cooking

Dates and locations are subject to change. A course may be canceled if enrollment is too low 5 days before the scheduled date. This means get your reservation in early, so we can plan for you!

Passport to High Adventure

What is "HAT-Trained"?
Basic High Adventure Training includes Leaders Outdoor Safety Training ("LOST"), Map and Compass and Basic Backpacking. That is the trio of courses. Take them in any order.
A "HAT-Trained" Scouter receives a "HAT Number", which makes his unit eligible to earn special patches for high-adventure outings completed. Those awards look great on a pack-cover!

Additional basic classes include: Canoeing, Climbing Awareness, Astronomy, and Bicycling. Specialized and advanced classes include: Winter Camping, Desert Awareness and Climbing Instructor. Upon request, the HAT has provided Wilderness Survival and Base Camp and Crew Cooking.