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California Inland Empire Council

High Adventure Team

Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some chances to share those High Adventure skills!

Climbers Wanted!
Are you a trained Climbing Instructor? Would you like to be a District contact for the CIEC Climbing committee? Would you like to see more units do some climbing AND do it safely?
If so, we'd like to add you to the HAT Contacts page. Reach Bob Swartzel at bob.swartzel@yahoo.com.
Climbing page
Wood Badge Ticket Ideas
  • Become HAT-trained by taking the 3 basic HAT courses: LOST, Map & Compass, Basic Backpacking.     Course Catalog
  • Serve as Instructor or Support Staff for a HAT class. Contact the HAT Chairman rmaschner@gmail.com or a Course Director.
  • Run a new HAT Class! Coordinate (arrange for) a HAT class to take place in a District where that training was not presently scheduled. Contact the HAT Chairman rmaschner@gmail.com for details.
  • Become a webmaster for one of CIEC's many websites. No prior experience required--expert training available. Contact Mark, the HAT webmaster, at m_wanamaker@hotmail.com.
  • Lead a Recruitment Program for your District. Organize an outreach to the public and private schools, so that all of the Kindergarten-age boys, and their parents, know whom to contact about Scouting! Arrange for followup and signup.
Wood Badge web page.